Best Work Portfolio

Purpose: To organize your work into a portfolio that highlights your best work.

Please include, title and organize in the following order:

  1. An artist's statement - this is a paragraph describing what interests you, what inspires you, where you get your ideas when photographing.

  2. Two images from each of the following categories

    1. Water - photograph different properties of water (ice, steam, melting, etc.), look for movement in water and/or water reflections. Please think "outside the box". No large bodies of water, please.

    2. Vintage/Aged - what images communicate the idea of Vintage, old fashioned, from another time period?
    3. Culture - what images define our community, our state, our country?

    4. Abstract - How can you photograph an everyday object to make it look abstract?
  3. Emotion and Visual Story

  4. 20 extraordinary images of your choice

  5. A link to you Photographer Emulation Project

You will need a total of 34 images. These images should be current, taken this year.

I suggest iweb for your portfolio, however, if you have other ideas, please share with me.