Photography Resource Page:

High school programs with some great examples:

A high school photography site in Shanghai

Photography Links:

The power of photographs

Photo history
National Geographic the mentor to all photographers. A great time line and examples of excellent photos.

Maine Photographer

National Geographic Photography

Photo Master Classes

World's Longest Exposure

Visual Literacy

Know your camera:

Digital terms

Introduction to Photography:


Camera modes explained

Camera manuals on line

Digital photography school.21 neat tips!!


Beautiful Sunrise
This is a classic compositional tool used in the fine arts as well as photography

Videos explaining the basics of composition

More Composition Tips:

Tips for Successful Photographs
Elements of Design

Landscape Photography Tips

Simple explanation of the basic compositional tools one more time

Different points of view explained very well.

Rule of thirds great examples from the real world of advertising. Google around the site "rule of thirds"

This site gives you ideas on taking stunning portraits

More portrait suggestions

Some great tips for taking photos with your digital camera

Remember the saying"everything you needed to know you learned in kindergarten"? Here is what to know as a photographer

History of Photography

The History of Photography -

Inspiring new and old photographers

MSNBC, This week in pictures:

Contemporary Photography - check out the Portraits!

50 beautiful trees

Inspiring blog:

This website belongs to a high school student from Baltimore Md that has an amazing eye!!!

Williams Eggleston took color photos during the 60's and 70's that revealed his times like noone had before

Edvard Muybridge the father of animation

Masters of Photography


Pinhole Cameras

Painting with Light

View the Paint the World with Light site
Check the resources


A beautiful blog about photography and photographers

Out of ideas for shooting photos? Try "Minimalism"! Thanks flickr!

Expand yourself as a photographer try photochallenge!

A wonderful site for tutorials and ideas

Found Alphabet photography! and examples

On your own try out a camera obscura exercise

Check out these great Photo blogs for tips and tricks

Image editing

Making contact sheets in iphoto:

Free image editing software for your PC

more image editing

Photojournalism Links:

How to photograph strangers

Dan eldon was an inspiring young photojournalist who died at the age of 22.

See and hear what the photographer's at the US Conventions think about as they take pictures of the candidates.
Photographers' Journal : Capturing History at the Conventions

Edward Burtynsky:

Manufctured landscapes a powerful documentation of how we humans are changing the face of our earth.

Photoshop links:

55 Incredible examples of photoshop manipulations

An inspiring artist that uses photoshop, her scanner and her imagination in unique ways

Psdtuts is a great site to learn, practice and improve your photoshop skills

Cool mandalas you make from your own photos

Youtube: Famous Photographer's autobiographies

International Curriculum of Photography

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