Photojournalism Rubric

Upload your presentation to the server or send me the link.
Complete and print the rubric below.




Technical Skills

A title, photo 1, spring 2010, and name(s) is included.
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Presentation is long enough to communicate the purpose, but is not more than 3 minutes long or at least 20 images with captions if it is a non-speaking presentation.
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Speaking is clear and at a pace that is easily understood or captions are to the point and succinct.
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Creative Skills

Presentation format is enticing to the viewer, engaging, and visually appealing (slides/presentation is not cluttered or confusing; i.e. too much text, confusing font, confusing colors)
1 2 3 4

All images included are strong compositions and help to communicate the purpose.
1 2 3 4

Speaking or writing is relevant to the photographs.
1 2 3 4