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Student Work Fall 2009

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Final Ning Posts:

  1. Free-Choice with explanation
  2. Photos with Quotes with explanation
  3. Photoshop Images - explain your process and what you learned

Sandwiching Negatives

Photographs with Quotes

Rubric Photos that Describe you Complete in class, Fri. 1/8

Quiz: Darkroom Printing - Friday, 1/8

Photos that Describe "You" - Due Friday, 1/8

Visual Story Slide-show - Thurs. 12/17

In-class "Review of Printing" Paragraphs - Mon. 12/7

Film Camera Assignment: Photos that Describe You
Film Due: Thursday, 11/19

Photo History Rubric

Project & Rubric Due: Tues. 11/23

History of Photography Presentation Guidelines
Ning Post for bibliography - due Thurs. 11/12
History of Photography Project

Review of Concepts

Pinhole Camera History
Process film in class - Wed. 10/7
Photograph, using Pinhole Camera in Class - Fri. 10/9
Make Pinhole Camera in Class - Mon. 10/5

Still-life Photographs, 35 mm camera, in Class Thurs. 10/1
Open notes Quiz #1 - Tues. 9/29
In-class composition assignment - 9/25
Complete Learnings from Video - Due Mon. 9/21
Types of Photographs - Due Thurs. 9/17
Intro to Basic Photo History - Due Thurs. 9/17

Looking at the Masters & Parts of the 35 mm camera Due Tues. 9/15. Please print out hard copy.

In-class digital Scavenger Hunt Assignment Due: Wed 9/9
Poster Assignment Due: Friday, 9/4

A look ahead
  • Discussion of Posters & Review Composition Tips and Strategies & Set up Ning, 9/9
  • Continue to learn parts of the 35 mm camera
  • Looking at the Masters of Photography
  • Review parts of a camera web quest
  • Camera Mechanic Review, Intro to Darkroom, and Photograms

Photo of the Week

Questions to respond to on the Ning

Final Free-Choice Photographs- Due Thurs. 1/14

The Essence of Holiday Spirit - Due Wed. 12/11
Ning Post, Due Thurs. 12/17

Giving Thanks - Due Fri. 11/20

Portraits - Due Mon. 11/9

Special Assignment - Due & posted on the wikispace 10/28
Angles/Diagnonals - Due Thurs.10/22
Circles - Due Wed. 10/7
Reflections - Due: Tues. 9/29
Unusual Perspectives - Due: Mon. 9/21