“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.” - Ansel Adams
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Unusual Perspectives

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Photoshop Resources

Photoshop Tools
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Making a border
Writing with Free-form text


In-Class Assignments:

Summer Warmth Heat Light Collage
Due Thursday, 6/3 (end of class)

Black and White Photographs from a Digital Photo
Due: Thursday, 6/3

Hands/Feet Collage: Due Tues. 5/25

More Photoshop

2 manipulated images due Tues. 5/18

Making paper negatives from digital images

Photojournalism Project Rubric

More Details for Photojournalism Project

Photojournalism Project

Due: Wed. 5/5 P4 & Thurs. 5/6 P3

Photoshop Directions: Getting started

Photographs with Quotes

Pinhole camera assessment - in-class Mon. 4/5

Note-taking template for Photo History imovie

Photo History Project imovie
Due: P3 Tues. 3/23
& P4, Wed. 3/24

Photo History Project imovie Rubric

Final draft for story due Thurs. 3/18.

Feedback Rubric for story

Creative Story for Photo Project due Tues. 3/15

Movie, "The Precursors" in class Tues. 3/2
Notes due at the end of class

Looking at the Masters in class Tues. 3/2
Due at the end of class

Photo History Project

Pinhole Cameras In-class, week of 2/22

Photograms Rubric Due: Wed. 2/10, P4 and
Thurs. 2/9 P3


Composition Presentation Rubric

Begin to learn the basics of composition
Part 1 due: Tues. 1/26 P3, Wed. 1/27 P4
Part 2 due: Mon. 2/1, P3 & P4

Join Ning, create avatar
Answer Questions on Ning
Review digital camera and shooting modes


Hands/Feet Collage: Due Tues. 5/25

Hands/Feet - Due Tues. May 18th, P3 &
Wed. May 19th P4

Next 30 images focus on people and things
Due: Thurs. 4/29

First 30 images for Photojournalism project & Ning post interviews

Due Thurs. 4/15

Finish "Photojournalism" & "Look at and read this photojournalist response to pollution in China"

Ning Posts by Tues. 4/13

Landscape Photography:
Due P4 Wed. 4/7 & P3 Thurs. 4/8

Portraits - Due Thurs. 3/18

Architecture - P4: Due Wed. 3/10, &
P3: Thurs. 3/11

Reflections - Due Fri. 2/26

Circles - Due Wed. 2/10, P 4 & Thurs. 2/11, P3

Photogram Homework:
Due Tues. 2/2, P3 and Thurs. 2/4, P4

Unusual Perspectives: Due Thurs. 2/4

Bring in Materials for Photograms, Tues. 2/2
(fabric, lace, tissue, yarn, old photos, glass, etc.)

Bring in Shoe Box for Pinhole Cameras,
Thurs. 2/4

Photograph for Composition Assignment
Create Avatar, Change Presentation on Ning