Cell Phones for Soldiers Collection Box external image moz-screenshot.jpgsol_shippingLabel.gif


Purpose: To design a visually appealing box to be used to collect cell phones for soldiers

Visit: http://www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com/ for background information


  • Patriotic colors or colors representing the armed forces should be used

  • Message must be clear; keep it simple

  • One of the three labels from the web site must be used on the box

  • The entire box should be covered, including the back (the back does not, however, need to include an image/design

  • The words: "Drop/Deposit Phones Here" should be included on the top of the box

  • The box should be visually appealing and draw attention

  • Include a strong, bold message on the vertical poster on the back of the box; this should state your clear message and be attention-getting