Due Thursday, 10/22
  • To find interesting angles and/or diagonals to help create successful photographs.
  • To continue to look at the world in a different way.

crazy-angle-glass.jpg© Liz Masoner 2007

Bernard_Travers.jpgBernard Travers


Stephan Donnelly
Look carefully at the world around you. Where do you notice angles or diagonals?
How can you create interesting compositions, using angular objects or by positioning yourself to create diagonals?

  • Consider shooting from "extreme angles".

  • Shoot from above or below your subject, considering diagonal composition.

  • Stand on a chair or ladder (be careful) to look down on your subject.

  • Experiment with holding your camera at a diagonal slant to create a different point of view.

  • Continue to allow yourself to think "outside the box".